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Why You Can No Longer Ignore Mobile Technology

A funny idea occurred to me the other day. In much of the world, anyone who doesn’t own a cell phone is considered an oddity. 56% of people on earth own their own Smartphone, while a staggering 91% have a mobile device of some kind at their disposal. The landline phone is a relic! This data is based on the average user, but you can bet money even more people in the enterprise sector will be making use of smart mobile technology.

The growth of the mobile industry is moving at a breakneck pace, and it shows no signs of slowing. Before much longer, more people will be accessing the web on their phones than on their desktops, laptops or even notebooks. What this means is that, regardless of your industry, you can’t ignore mobile technology.

This certainly holds true in event management, where mobile apps are dominating new innovation. Think about it – if 56% of people own either tablet or Smartphone, that means at very least half your attendees are going to be equipped with some sort of mobile device. What’s more, those attendees are going to be expecting access to a secure, fast WiFi connection. That connection will have […]

Boiled Down, Simple Cloud Computing

I feel as though there’s a mantra which every marketing and tech blogger should repeat whenever they write a piece on cloud computing:

“I’m not going to bore you with buzzwords, nor coo how cloud computing is the future of all industries. I’m not going to claim the cloud is the only solution to all your problems, nor am I going to ignore its flaws.”

Well all that said: today I’m going to discuss how you, as an event management professional or not, can be served by cloud computing. When used properly, the cloud is an extremely powerful tool in the hands of any professional. At the same time, it’s just that: a tool, and one with its own faults. Keep this in mind.

All right, that’s enough beating around the bush. Let’s get started.

First things first…exactly what is the cloud, aside from a buzzword designed to excite business owners and marketing professionals?

Basically, the cloud an abstract term used to refer to a large network of computers or servers that communicate with one another remotely and in real-time. To give an example, cloud storage is a term which refers to the process of storing information on a remote server – one to which […]

Five Traits Of A Successful Event Management Platform

Today we’re looking at Bizzabo – an Israeli developed networking and event management app, which last month managed to acquire $2.5 million in funding from a group of investors particularly interested in the event management space.  A deal is a deal – we’re taking a close look at what made Bizzabo such an attractive bet.

What are the most important traits of a successful event management platform, and what separated Bizzabo from so many other professional tools out there?


So much of event management involves the organization of and how information is shared – registration numbers, survey details, budgeting, scheduling; you get the drift. For this reason, any event-planning tool that doesn’t have a streamlined system for arranging data, and an intuitive means of organizing this information is more trouble than its worth.


One of Bizzabo’s best traits is that it goes beyond being a simple scheduling app – directly connecting attendees, organizers, and event staff with one another through a single interface.  The app opens up communication beyond a single event. People can use of the tool to find out about upcoming events in their area, event planners can connect with sponsors and vendors, and firms can share ideas and reviews with […]

How The Cloud Is Changing The Event Industry

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, cloud computing is one of the most disruptive technologies ever developed. Few other technologies have such a wide range of uses, and few others have fundamentally changed so many different fields. Event management, of course, is one of those industries impacted by the cloud, and planners need to understand the advantages provided by the cloud, and harness those to further events.

How has the cloud changed event management for the better? More importantly, how can you as an event planner capitalize on this?

The cloud is itself an encompassing term; cloud computing at its core is actually comprised of three key technologies: Infrastructure as a service, software as a service, and platform as a service. The second is the only one that really bears any relevance to the event industry; software as a service is basically “on demand software” which is centrally hosted and licensed out to the user on an on-demand basis.  Anyone who uses the software gains access to functionality, and in addition, is able to quickly and easily provision their software onto new devices.

For an event planner the agility with which software can be provisioned using a cloud model means […]

How Might Robotics and A.I. Be Used At Events

We’re pretty much living in a science fiction novel. Maybe it doesn’t really feel that way because technology has a way of creeping up on us. We don’t freak out about technology because achievements that would’ve caused us to have an aneurism a century ago rollout over time and become routine, first in one use, one industry and then some spread throughout our daily lives.

Nowhere is this clearer than in the robotics industry, where recent advances have led to some downright revolutionary changes in how robots interact with their environment – and with human beings in particular. And then there’s A.I., Artificial Intelligence, and how do most of us feel about a robot that can independently from human assistance interact with us?

So, how might Robotics and A.I. be used at events? Can robots and Artificial Intelligence tie into your job as an event planner?

Take robots such as Suitable Technology’s Beam, for example. Through a docking station, or a telepresence robot and a computer screen the writer of this Forbes article is able to attend a conference, make her way around the floor, and even conduct a live interview with the CEO of Suitable Technology.

Like much new technology, the price tag […]

Requirements Every Event Management Tool Needs To Meet

As an event management professional, you are not the gadgets you use. You are not your Smartphone or tablet, your event planning software, or your presentation tools. You aren’t controlled by your technology.

At the same time, gearing yourself up with the right tools can be the difference between success and failure when planning an event. You might not be controlled by your technology, but you can be made by it.

There are a few requirements you’ll want any event management tool, gadget or application you use to fulfill; if they miss even one, there’s a good chance they simply aren’t worth using.

Ease Of Use

Perhaps the most important feature of any tech used by an event planner is that it can’t be complicated. You’re already dealing with potentially hundreds of different variables; you don’t have time to work with an obtuse interface or wrestle with a steep learning curve. If a piece of tech isn’t quick and simple, it’s probably not worth using.


Of course, being easy to use isn’t enough. Whatever technology you’re equipping yourself with also has to be efficient, improving your performance as an event planner in some noticeable fashion. If it’s not easy to use and doesn’t speed up the […]

Five Great Time Management Apps for Event Planners

Ok, Ok, this post is about time management and it’s late! We’re human…but software can help.

Top-notch time management skills are vital for competitive event management professionals. Yet even if equipped with formidable organizational skills, the best can still benefit from time management software. After all, we’re only human and the best-designed software will help us perform our best.

Here are five great time management apps for event planners.

1. Eternity

Many of us are workaholics (particularly novices who underestimate the stress of a job) and it’s easy to forget your life outside of work. This isn’t healthy; there needs to be balance between work and play, between professional time and leisure time.

The iOS app Eternity is designed to provide a means of balancing one’s time. After installing the software (there’s a free and a paid version) you can set up activities, assign multiple timers to tasks, and add schedules that monitor exactly how you’re spending your time.

2. NowThen

Designed as a timesheet assistant, NowThen allows you to create multiple task lists for events, and easily edit and add events. Its main function is to time activities with the added bonus of being able to sync all data and images between all your iOS devices. […]

Six Superb Event Management Startups

In any industry there’s always a whole plethora of problems that need solving and a promising crop of innovators waiting in the wings to solve them. Maybe it’s a quandary brought about by a newly developed technology. Maybe there’s a need that’s not being adequately met by current technology. Or maybe there’s just something that always could have been done better.

Event management is no exception to the rule. There are problems that need solving particularly given the high-tempo, competitive nature of the industry. Courtesy of Julius Solaris of the Event Manager Blog, here are a few of the most promising event management startups currently making the rounds – have a look; there’s bound to be one you’ll like.

Eat In My Seat

What It Provides: An electronic food ordering system for events.

Why That’s Awesome: Last month, I attended the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. At one point during the conference, I went to fetch some food…only to discover an hour-long wait. Eat in My Seat solves the balance between starvation and FOMO – you can place and pay for your order within the app, and choose whether you want to have it delivered or pick it up when told your order is […]

Six Technology Gadgets Every Event Planner Should Use

As an event planner, the technology you use can ultimately be the difference between success and failure. You need to make sure your event management toolkit contains all the necessary gadgets and gear. Having the right gear not only makes you work more efficiently, it also makes your job significantly easier and does a great deal to reduce the stress that comes with being an event planner.

Here are just a few vital components of any savvy event professional’s equipment toolkit.

A Smartphone Or Tablet

This one’s a bit of a no-brainer, and not just because of how much event managers tend to move from location to location.  It’s absolutely vital that an event manager at least have a Smartphone, both to coordinate with their team, to keep note of important event details such as schedule and task lists, as well as simply being available to reach 24/7. There really isn’t any reason to shy from using your mobile device as a tool; there exists a host of high-quality mobile event management applications designed specifically to streamline the more difficult aspects of event management.

While tossing the laptop for a smaller tablet might not necessarily be a practical choice just yet, mobile technology […]

Five Innovative Startups in the Event Industry

The event industry is booming, and everyone seems to want a piece of the pie. While this means there’s no shortage of chaff where event planning services are concerned, it also means that there’s a camp of incredibly creative, particularly talented, and thoroughly innovative individuals looking to break into the industry – and they aim to do that by helping you run your events more efficiently and effectively.

Today, we’ll be taking a look at a five innovative event management startups that are bound to help you be a better event planner.


First up on our list is SceneSquid, a nifty little tool designed to streamline the event marketing process, particularly press relations. How it works is deceptively simple. First, you put together the details of your event and post it to SceneSquid. Once that’s done, your next step is to put together a little collage of your target audience – a list of every demographic that you estimate would be interested in attending your event.

At that point, SceneSquid gets to work, seeking out relevant publishers and media outlets and sending them the details of your event. It completely streamlines one of the most tedious aspects of event marketing, making it as […]

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