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3 Ways to Get Likes on Your Facebook Event Page

You’ve created a Facebook Event Page and now you need ‘likes.’ The only problem is that likes don’t magically appear by themselves (at least not usually). It’s starting to feel like a party where nobody is showing up.

Every new ‘like’ is a promotion for your event by someone other than you! This type of authentic support is priceless, but you may need to work for it.  There are many different ways of getting people to like your Facebook Event Page, but here are the 3 most tried and true methods on how to get more likes on Facebook.

Promote Everywhere

Don’t expect people to just stumble into your Facebook event page. Get out there and tell them about it. Promote your page everywhere you go, both online and off. This includes your website, other social media channels (and of course, Facebook), in your email signature and on other marketing materials and everywhere you are offline.

Don’t just say ‘visit us on Facebook.’ When promoting your event’s value, give people the link and tell them to ‘click here’ (you can create a direct link on your site to your Facebook Event Page by installing a plug-in or hand out QR codes offline.) And don’t […]

Four Ways to Market your Event on a Shoestring Budget

Planning an event can be stressful, but if attendance is strong you will look back and realize it was well worth the time and effort.

Here is the big question: how are you going to attract a large number of attendees without blowing through your event’s marketing budget?

You may believe that successfully marketing a large event has to cost an arm and a leg; nothing could be further from the truth. There are steps you can take to spread the word on a shoestring budget – or simply make your large budget go that much further!

Here are four marketing initiatives that don’t need to cost a lot of money:

1. Engage Press

Make a list of both local and industry-related press outlets whose readers may care about your event or topic. Publications are also always searching for content and press want to provide their audience valuable information. In simple language and short format, share with a publication why they should run your story.

Hint: don’t assume you’re too late! Publications often have space to fill and scramble for a story at the last minute.

Purchasing advertising space may not be ideal, but it is often times the best way to get in touch with your […]

Five Things Event Planners Should Never do on YouTube

So, you’re planning to market your event on YouTube? That’s great! Good initiative! You’ve potentially just equipped yourself with a powerful tool that could easily make your brand soar to new heights – but only if you actually understand how to manage it. Even a seemingly irrelevant mistake could cause all your efforts to come crashing down around you, leaving you with little more than a few terrible videos and a lot of wasted time.

The problem here is that if you’re new to YouTube marketing, there are a few mistakes that you’re far likelier to make – mistakes that you should avoid at all costs.

Settle for Low Video Quality

One of the biggest errors you can possibly make is to settle for anything less than top quality in your videos – particularly if you’re streaming your event or uploading keynotes to your brand’s YouTube channel. The higher the quality of your channel, the better it makes your brand (and event) look. Better videos make for more channel and video views, a better reputation, and potentially higher attendance.

That works both ways, too. Videos that are exceedingly low-quality are less likely to be shared or viewed; if you end up settling for low-grade […]

The Ten Biggest Event Management And Marketing Fails Of 2013

Well folks, we can finally bid farewell to 2013. Before we really kick off the New Year, let’s first take a look back at the old—namely, at some of the mistakes that were made. In the world of marketing and event management (which are rapidly converging on one another), there were some positively titanic botches, many of which will be remembered for years to come. The fiascos we’re going to look at today represent mistakes that no event management professional in their right mind should make.

Among them, there is one common thread: the feeling that there are a few marketing and event management professionals out there who should really consider a career change.

LG’s Twenty-Gun Trip To The Hospital

Back in August, Korean manufacturer LG decided to host a public giveaway to promote one of its new G2 smartphones. Instead of just hosting a raffle, however, the marketing folks at LG decided to get creative—they’d release 100 helium-filled balloons into the air, with a voucher for a new phone in each one. You see where this is going right?

The crowd surged forward, pulling out BB guns, knives, and a host of other improvised weapons; all were intend on popping the balloons. The […]

How to create a Tweet Suite

We’ve all been to conferences that had comfy couches, we may have even been to conferences that had Tweetwalls (We hope so!), but have you ever been to a conference that had a Tweet Suite? Well today, we’re going to go over some of the basics on how to create one to increase engagement and socialization at your events.

Just to clarify exactly what a Tweet Suite is—essentially, a Tweet Suite is an area at your event dedicated for your attendees to lounge, relax, socialize and maybe get some work done if they desire.


The first thing you need while creating your Tweet Suite is comfortable seating, and ideally lots of it. Depending on your venue, this could be soft couches or chairs, or even bar stools surrounding high top tables. The most important thing to remember is, can people sit there for 20-30 minutes without getting numb? Soft or contoured chairs are the best to go with.

After you’ve figured out how much seating you plan on having (which SocialTables is great for, I might add) you next need to think about how to get your guest’s devices charged up. It’s an unfortunate reality that your guests aren’t at your event to promote you, so […]

Five Things That Discourage Event No Shows

It’s something no event planner wants to deal with – yet it’s one of the most common problems in event management. It can force you to turn away potential attendees, it can leave you purchasing too much food and booze, a venue that’s too large, lost deposits on empty hotel rooms, and on. It can cost event planners and little as time and effort to as much as huge money lost and an affair that falls flat after everyone works so hard to host it.  I’m talking, of course, about no shows.

No matter what event you run, you’re going to have a few people who simply don’t bother to show up. There’s honestly nothing you can do to change this. Yet so many decisions are based on head-count. How can you ensure that your head-count information remains as accurate as possible?

Event planners certainly employ tactics that discourage skipping out. There are simple steps that help reduce an event’s number of potential attendee no-shows.

Make Sure Your Guests Actually Care

This is a broad concept and relates to one’s skills as an event planner: you should be running events that resonate with your target audience, period. Create an event that attendees would feel […]

Getting The Press to Attend Your Events

Invite the Press to cover your trade show, tournament or conference – press coverage is one of the best ways to gain mass exposure for your event. This marketing strategy seems obvious, but…evidently is not. I’ve seen more than a few events where journalists barely have a presence. Journalists and bloggers provide free exposure. That’s a crazy opportunity to ignore. Particularly if you’re running some sort of consumer-targeted trade show, you need the press.

So, is there a secret to getting The Press to attend? Surely, it can’t be as easy as asking!

Actually, you’d be surprised.

Discover Who Is Most Interested

Your first step is to generate a list of the media outlets most likely to want to cover your event. Who is writing about the industry you’re promoting, and is their target audience also your target audience?  Start with specialty publications – sites and print media that exclusively cover your field. Now expand your outreach list to include publications that have a related column or a writer with an interest in your space.

The first step is making them aware of your event hoping that they promote in advance of the event, and if they’re interested, inviting them to attend and review your […]

Five Components of a Successful Event Marketing Campaign

There’s a good chance as an event planner that you are often focused on promotion.  If you are building killer events you want to see high attendance. This makes you completely invested in designing and executing top-notch marketing campaigns. Even if you often hire an outside marketing firm – especially if you hire outside help – the success or failure of your event lies with you, so take a hands-on approach to event marketing.

Designing a marketing campaign should not be that daunting as long as you take these five components into account:


We take this as a fundamental truth – the most successful marketing campaigns have a clear idea of who it is they’re trying to reach, and what that target audience wants.  If you don’t understand your audience, you can’t connect with them, and if you don’t connect with them, your marketing efforts will fall flat.

Ideally, you need to be able to answer the following questions:

  1. Who’s interested in this event?
  2. Why are they interested in my event?
  3. What’s unique about my event?
  4. Who’s competing for this audience’s attention and time?
  5. What will this audience gain by attending my event?

Tip: answer the questions as best you can, then fill in the blanks with thorough research. […]

How to Select Your Event Management Niche

In any industry, choosing a niche is a great way to give your business a much-needed boost, establishing your organization as a unique entity. Particularly in the world of event management, it’s important that you differentiate yourself from the competition, and find a demographic to which you can sell yourself directly.  As for how you go about doing so, well…there are a few things to keep in mind.

You Need Expertise

First and foremost:  do you have any idea what you’re doing? In order to run a passable event, you need at least a halfway decent knowledge of the industry you’re running it for. You need to know your demographics, you need figure out who the best guest speakers are; most importantly, you need to keep abreast of the news, as this will allow you to keep your events both current and relevant to attendees.

A Market Needs To Exist

Of course, it’s not enough that you’re experienced in the niche you want to target – there actually needs to be a market for that niche in your region.  Otherwise, you’re just going to end up wasting both time and money.

What I’m saying here is that before you commit to a particular niche with […]

7 Last Minute Event Promotion Strategies

So it’s the week before the event and you’re panicking about selling out. Take a deep breath and relax, they’re still some time to try and get more people excited about your upcoming event.

While you should continue to use your normal promotional channels such as email, flyering, Facebook and free listing sites to boost event awareness, we’ve also got seven top tips for last minute event promotion.

Take a look at these seven strategies to see if they’ll work for your gig, show, club night, conference or other event:

1.Post on Classifieds sites

Post your event details in the Community section of (in the UK and Europe) and to catch people looking for last minute things to do.

2. Get social

Change your Facebook and Twitter profile picture to your event logo to drum up excitement.

3. Update your website

Don’t forget to include your own personal web properties, don’t just focus your promotion on third party sites. Put a big banner on your website the week before your event.

4. Tell your fans

Get your sponsors to spread the word. Your sponsors want bang for their sponsorship buck… get them to Tweet, Facebook link or web link to your event.

5. Run a competition

Have a “Retweet to […]

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