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3 Ways to Get Likes on Your Facebook Event Page

You’ve created a Facebook Event Page and now you need ‘likes.’ The only problem is that likes don’t magically appear by themselves (at least not usually). It’s starting to feel like a party where nobody is showing up.

Every new ‘like’ is a promotion for your event by someone other than you! This type of authentic support is priceless, but you may need to work for it.  There are many different ways of getting people to like your Facebook Event Page, but here are the 3 most tried and true methods on how to get more likes on Facebook.

Promote Everywhere

Don’t expect people to just stumble into your Facebook event page. Get out there and tell them about it. Promote your page everywhere you go, both online and off. This includes your website, other social media channels (and of course, Facebook), in your email signature and on other marketing materials and everywhere you are offline.

Don’t just say ‘visit us on Facebook.’ When promoting your event’s value, give people the link and tell them to ‘click here’ (you can create a direct link on your site to your Facebook Event Page by installing a plug-in or hand out QR codes offline.) And don’t […]

The Ten Biggest Event Management And Marketing Fails Of 2013

Well folks, we can finally bid farewell to 2013. Before we really kick off the New Year, let’s first take a look back at the old—namely, at some of the mistakes that were made. In the world of marketing and event management (which are rapidly converging on one another), there were some positively titanic botches, many of which will be remembered for years to come. The fiascos we’re going to look at today represent mistakes that no event management professional in their right mind should make.

Among them, there is one common thread: the feeling that there are a few marketing and event management professionals out there who should really consider a career change.

LG’s Twenty-Gun Trip To The Hospital

Back in August, Korean manufacturer LG decided to host a public giveaway to promote one of its new G2 smartphones. Instead of just hosting a raffle, however, the marketing folks at LG decided to get creative—they’d release 100 helium-filled balloons into the air, with a voucher for a new phone in each one. You see where this is going right?

The crowd surged forward, pulling out BB guns, knives, and a host of other improvised weapons; all were intend on popping the balloons. The […]

How Event Management Firms Leverage Their Facebook Page

As I’m certain you’ve been told time and time again, your event management firm should have a Facebook page. As the world’s leading social network, it’s generally one of the best places to connect with your clientele, and an even better place to promote your events. Why would you ignore Facebook?

Certainly, people offer some general advice on how to use Facebook – post funny, relevant, interesting content; be active and approachable, tease your potential atendees with content well in advance of an event…you get the idea. This advice is largely true, but we offer a bit of practical, tactical advice around how event management firms leverage their Facebook page to promote both their firm and events.

Your Page Should Express Your Brand

First piece of advice, know your brand’s value proposition. Everything you post to Facebook should express and better define your brand’s core values for your audience in some way. As we always recommend, watch what others in the event planning industry are doing with their Facebook page, can you immediately tell what their brand stands for, what they’re known for. For example, recently we posted a list of top personalities in the event industry – David Monn’s Facebook page highlights […]

Create Engaging Facebook Content to Build More Followers

It’s common knowledge that you need engaging content on Facebook (or anywhere else online for that matter). It’s what gets you more followers. But what exactly does ‘engaging’ content mean?

It means that your followers don’t just read or consume the content. They take action on it. This can be any type of action such as getting new ‘likes’, commenting, sharing your content, generally singing your praises, or buying your product or service. But what’s important is that they do something when they see your posts.

So we know social media is interactive and growth is driven by more engagement. When you put content out into the world that gets your followers responding, this is when you’ll see your numbers climb. We often talk about this as your conversation rate. Out of all the people that see your post, what percentage of that audience responds in a specific, desired manner. Engaging content that delivers a high conversation rate is what makes it all worth it!

OK, so how does one create engaging content?

Make It Visual

I won’t mention statistics because it all depends on the source, but all surveys, reports and studies show that visual content gets more […]

How to Create a Killer Facebook Event Page

When done well, publicizing your event through Facebook can be extremely successful. Its ‘Event Pages’ allow you to reach a vast audience and engage your potential attendees, and best of all, it’s totally free. Here are some best practices for setting up your event page.

The Default Settings

Don’t change the default settings unless you want to make your event private or restrict access. When you set up an event page, the default settings are exactly that, they are set the way most of us want them. The default settings allow your fans to share and post most easily and put little restriction on who sees your page. More shares and posts mean more engagement and exposure for your event. You’re letting your fans promote your event for you.

An Awesome Banner

The banner image at the top of your event page is a prime piece of Internet real estate, like a billboard on a highway, so make it count. The banner should not only be eye-catching but also convey what your event is all about. The words and images in your banner should communicate this so that visitors can take it in at a glance. You might consider changing […]

Strategy for Creating a Successful Facebook Event Page

It’s common knowledge that Facebook is a useful tool for promoting events online. So, when you’re planning an event, what’s a first step? Your knee jerk response – ‘Create a Facebook Event Page.’

It’s a logical strategic move. An event page can be a valuable way to communicate and promote, but one important consideration before pulling the trigger; do you have the resources to successfully promote an event page? If yes, you need to plan ahead how you’re going to use these resources most effectively. Here we look at what running a successful Facebook event page requires.

The operative word used above is “successfully”. Your Facebook event page is like a small child that you’re going to nurture until the actual event day. You have to babysit your page and its needs may be fairly significant. You could waste good time and energy on an event page and get poor results.

Delegate Your Facebook Event Promotion

Before creating your event page you either need to commit to handling it yourself, and depending on the event’s size and your social media savvy, this may certainly be possible. Or you’ll need to delegate the responsibility to one or more people, again, […]

Social Marketing: Should I Focus on Facebook Exclusively or Multiple Social Networks?

We are lost in an endless forest of information, and no one seems to have a map.

Since the Internet (and to a lesser extent, mobile technology) has taken over our day-to-day lives, we’ve found ourselves living in a society which bombards us with data from every angle and at every hour of the day. To say that it’s exhausting would be putting it lightly. It’s rather easy for a consumer to get overwhelmed, to say nothing of someone who needs to work in such a chaotic mass of free-flowing data on a regular basis.

One of the ways in which this trend towards information overload has manifested is in the sheer volume of social networks that have begun to crop up. It seems that every other day, we’re seeing new platforms popping up like mushrooms; we’re constantly seeing blogs and tech journalists trumpeting the “site that could kill Facebook” (news flash: that’s not happening anytime soon). It’s all anyone can do to keep up.

Understandably, this can make the decision of which social network to establish a brand on a rather difficult one, particularly if your consumers are spread out over several different platforms. The fragmented environment that currently seems to underscore […]

Could The Concept Of Social ROI Be On The Way Out?

@Mediabistro @PRNewser If CEO insists on ROI, it’s marketing. If he realizes there’s not yet a bona fide way of capturing ROI, it’s PR #SM

— Nichole L. Reber (@NicholeLReber) October 9, 2013

The above tweet is a response to a piece published earlier this month by Media Bistro addressing the fact that, as far as social ROI is concerned, most marketing professionals are of the mind that dealing with social media isn’t really their job; the PR department should be the one to manage an organization’s social presence. They aren’t wrong.

Social media is, only in the barest sense, about advertising. The social network is a medium focused entirely on relationships.

Social media manager jobs are on the way out in the business world—along with the idea that success on a social network is something that can actually be quantified or accounted for in a financial report. Professionals, it seems, are finally waking up to what social media really is and to how it really works. The bare truth is that the same qualities that make a platform like Facebook or Twitter ideal for an events planner—the ability to connect with, engage, and relate to consumers on a near-personal level; the ability to […]

Why You Should Be On Twitter

I have a daily routine of sorts. Upon waking up, I’ll spend at least a few minutes perusing Twitter (along with a few other sites) to see if there’s anything important I may have missed while asleep. Occasionally, I’ll find something that interests me, picking it up to read, share, or write about. It’s safe to say that, although it’s certainly not my primary source of news and information, Twitter certainly ranks in the top five.

I’m certainly not alone in that.

You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone willing to argue that you shouldn’t be on Facebook. With well over 800 million users worldwide, it’s one of the largest communications platforms in the world. It’s effectively the king of the social network—most businesses are guaranteed to find at least a few interested consumers using the platform.

I’m here to argue that Twitter is just as important as Facebook—perhaps even more so in terms of marketing. It’s a strange concept, isn’t it? I can’t just leave such a statement hanging in the air. It won’t be a terribly easy task; I’ve never been fond of generalizations.

Facebook and Twitter are two very different beasts. On Facebook, you have a rich media experience. You’ve got […]

7 Ways to Promote Your Next Event on Facebook

If you’re hosting an event, Facebook is an excellent way to get the word out. You can create an event using its Event feature and let everyone know. Here are a few highly effective ways to leverage the power of Facebook and promote your event.

1. Groups and Pages

Some event organizers choose not to use Facebook Events to promote their event and use alternatives instead. The Events feature lacks flexibility and there are no privacy settings. If you create a Group or Page for your event, you have more control. You can invite whoever you’d like and with Groups there’s more opportunity for invitees to interact with each other. Groups and Pages are especially nice for ongoing events because you can set them up just once but keep using them over and over again.

2. Hashtags

Create a hashtag for your event and ask your fans to use it. Hashtags are keywords that are searchable and clickable, allowing people to find your event more easily. The phrase is written as one word and preceded by a # symbol, like this: #yourevent. Started on Twitter, hashtags are now recognized on Facebook as well.

3. Offer Incentives

If you want to get the word spread far and […]

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