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Boiled Down, Simple Cloud Computing

I feel as though there’s a mantra which every marketing and tech blogger should repeat whenever they write a piece on cloud computing:

“I’m not going to bore you with buzzwords, nor coo how cloud computing is the future of all industries. I’m not going to claim the cloud is the only solution to all your problems, nor am I going to ignore its flaws.”

Well all that said: today I’m going to discuss how you, as an event management professional or not, can be served by cloud computing. When used properly, the cloud is an extremely powerful tool in the hands of any professional. At the same time, it’s just that: a tool, and one with its own faults. Keep this in mind.

All right, that’s enough beating around the bush. Let’s get started.

First things first…exactly what is the cloud, aside from a buzzword designed to excite business owners and marketing professionals?

Basically, the cloud an abstract term used to refer to a large network of computers or servers that communicate with one another remotely and in real-time. To give an example, cloud storage is a term which refers to the process of storing information on a remote server – one to which […]

How The Cloud Is Changing The Event Industry

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, cloud computing is one of the most disruptive technologies ever developed. Few other technologies have such a wide range of uses, and few others have fundamentally changed so many different fields. Event management, of course, is one of those industries impacted by the cloud, and planners need to understand the advantages provided by the cloud, and harness those to further events.

How has the cloud changed event management for the better? More importantly, how can you as an event planner capitalize on this?

The cloud is itself an encompassing term; cloud computing at its core is actually comprised of three key technologies: Infrastructure as a service, software as a service, and platform as a service. The second is the only one that really bears any relevance to the event industry; software as a service is basically “on demand software” which is centrally hosted and licensed out to the user on an on-demand basis.  Anyone who uses the software gains access to functionality, and in addition, is able to quickly and easily provision their software onto new devices.

For an event planner the agility with which software can be provisioned using a cloud model means […]

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