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When we write blog posts about social media in general, you’ll find those posts here. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about social media platforms that we specifically support, but we typically do try to focus more on the ones supported within Everwall—like Twitter, Instagram, Slack, etc.

Social Media: A Deeper Look

We have touched on social media tips a few times, but this time, we are going to focus on more in depth marketing ideas to really take your marketing to a whole new level. You already have the basics down, it’s time to use new techniques and technology to really engage people with your brand. We will be covering the following topics: Ten Tips For A Successful Twitter Takeover P.S.- If you missed our series last week covering PR, check it out here.

How to Improve Pre-Conference Information Distribution via Twitter

Twitter is usually a place for breaking news and immediate engagement. It may therefore seem antithetical to use for event build-up; if it’s not recording something happening in real-time, why bother? But Twitter is also great at creating buzz and community, if maintained properly.

Using social media during your conference is important, but engaging your attendees and speakers before your conference creates a hive around your organization that will engage not only during the conference, but before and after as well. This sets you up to have an excellent conference and to mobilize your community for future conferences and organization-related events.

There are three groups you should be considering when developing your pre-conference Twitter strategy:

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How to Handle Negative Social Media Feedback During and After an Event

Putting on an event is a big deal. From a one day get-together to a multi-day trade show, you are well aware of the challenges. Let’s be honest: it is hard to make it through an event without at least one person getting angry. Many years ago, dealing with such a situation was simple. You would wait for the issue to be presented, and then deal with it one-on-one. The matter was kept rather hush and taken care of in person. In today’s world, where social media is in charge, things are not nearly as clear. Rather than take up […]

How Can You Engage Attendees That Aren’t At Your Event?

As an event organizer, it’s your job to keep your attendees entertained and engaged. It’s your job to ensure that everything at your event goes off without a hitch, and that everyone who goes there leaves satisfied. What you may not know is that this process actually starts well before the event itself – and expands well outside the walls of your event venue. After all, being an event planner is only partially about running events. It’s also about effectively marketing them. Today, we’re going to touch on that. How can you keep your attendees engaged before, during, and after […]

The Modern Rules of Seeking Your Voice on Social Media

The most important thing about social marketing is your voice – the attitude and language you use to communicate. This is true regardless of industry. If you fail to cultivate a social personality, then it will be impossible for your followers and fans to have genuine discussions with you. And if they cannot have authentic conversations, they’re not going to engage with your brand. What’s an event planner do to? How can you seek out a voice that both fits your firm and makes your brand more appealing to clients? What can you do to ensure that customers see you […]