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When we write blog posts about social media in general, you’ll find those posts here. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about social media platforms that we specifically support, but we typically do try to focus more on the ones supported within Everwall—like Twitter, Instagram, Slack, etc.

Strategy for Creating a Successful Facebook Event Page

It’s common knowledge that Facebook is a useful tool for promoting events online. So, when you’re planning an event, what’s a first step? Your knee jerk response – ‘Create a Facebook Event Page.’ It’s a logical strategic move. An event page can be a valuable way to communicate and promote, but one important consideration before pulling the trigger; do you have the resources to successfully promote an event page? If yes, you need to plan ahead how you’re going to use these resources most effectively. Here we look at what running a successful Facebook event page requires. The operative word […]

Five Ways Twitter Will Increase Event Attendance

As you consider ways to increase attendance at an upcoming event, you should be leveraging your social media platforms. More specifically, there is a good chance you will rely strongly on the power of Twitter. While there are many things you can do with Twitter, most people approach it as a task, and overlook strategy. There is more to this than sending out tweets, hoping that people see what you have to say and subsequently sign up to attend your event. Here are five things you must do if you hope using Twitter will help increase your events’ attendance: 1. […]

Social Marketing: Should I Focus on Facebook Exclusively or Multiple Social Networks?

We are lost in an endless forest of information, and no one seems to have a map. Since the Internet (and to a lesser extent, mobile technology) has taken over our day-to-day lives, we’ve found ourselves living in a society which bombards us with data from every angle and at every hour of the day. To say that it’s exhausting would be putting it lightly. It’s rather easy for a consumer to get overwhelmed, to say nothing of someone who needs to work in such a chaotic mass of free-flowing data on a regular basis. One of the ways in […]

Could The Concept Of Social ROI Be On The Way Out?

@Mediabistro @PRNewser If CEO insists on ROI, it's marketing. If he realizes there's not yet a bona fide way of capturing ROI, it's PR #SM — Nichole L. Reber (@NicholeLReber) October 9, 2013 The above tweet is a response to a piece published earlier this month by Media Bistro addressing the fact that, as far as social ROI is concerned, most marketing professionals are of the mind that dealing with social media isn’t really their job; the PR department should be the one to manage an organization’s social presence. They aren’t wrong. Social media is, only in the barest sense, […]

Why You Should Be On Twitter

I have a daily routine of sorts. Upon waking up, I’ll spend at least a few minutes perusing Twitter (along with a few other sites) to see if there’s anything important I may have missed while asleep. Occasionally, I’ll find something that interests me, picking it up to read, share, or write about. It’s safe to say that, although it’s certainly not my primary source of news and information, Twitter certainly ranks in the top five. I’m certainly not alone in that. You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone willing to argue that you shouldn’t be on Facebook. With well […]