Tweetwall & Eventbrite Have Partnered!

Today, we’re very excited to announce something that we’ve been working on and have been looking forward to announcing for quite some time—Tweetwall (now named Everwall) and Eventbrite have partnered!

Both Tweetwall, and Eventbrite are determined to make your events the best they can possibly be, for us, it’s about making events more social and engaging, and for Eventbrite, it’s by making it easy for your attendees to register and attend your event.

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5 Ways To Make Your Event More Social

It’s no secret that events are social in nature. Whatever the event may be, tens, hundreds or thousands of people are gathering together to interact and learn about a specific cause, idea or business. What’s changing about the event industry is the rise and influence of social media. We’ve come up with a few tips to make your event more social, and increase interaction in the virtual world. 1) Create a #hashtag for your event You always need to have a unique hashtag for your events—it’s no longer an option to not have one.  There are many ways to come…

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The Social Event Manager’s Blog Manifesto

Hello all, Joel here, the founder and CEO of Tweetwall Everwall (See: the Tweetwall name change announcement). I just wanted to quickly post a little bit about what this blog is, what kind of content will be on it, and what our goals are for it—a manifesto of sorts, if you will. The events industry is huge, multi-billion dollar huge, but since starting Tweetwall in 2008 what we’ve noticed is that even though the industry is huge, there’s not a whole lot of content out there catered to helping event managers make their events more social and engaging. This blog…

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The Guide To Guest Speakers, Part One: Getting Industry Experts

In this blog series we’ll be going over the process for picking guest speakers, how to get them to want to speak at your event, and some best practices for working with them.

Never underestimate the power of having skilled guest speakers, or the damage that can be caused by a poor ones.

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How Gamification Can Help You Market Your Event

If you’re working in the events industry, there’s a good chance you have, on at least one occasion, heard someone use a word like “gamification” or a phrase like “game theory” to refer to a particular marketing strategy. It seems to be the next big buzzword in marketing; like any buzzword, there’s more to it than meets the eye. It’s also an invaluable strategy for marketing your brand, if you understand how to utilize it. So… what exactly is gamification? Before we go any further, I’d like to clear up an incredibly common misnomer: game theory and gamification are not…

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