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How to show a moderated live twitter feed

You’ve got a website—and an awesome one at that—but you want to make it a bit fresher without having to log in every day an update it.  You think, “hey, I Tweet a lot, why don’t I just show my live twitter feed on the site,” only to realize that it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Twitter has an option you can use, but if you want to pull in content using keywords or a hashtag, it’s not as easy, and it doesn’t include moderation of any type. In comes Everwall.

Everwall let’s you have a moderated live twitter feed

Using our social wall’s embed option, you can pull in posts from any public account, as well as any post that contains specific keywords of your choice—like your company name—or as many hashtags as you’d like, too. We even support Instagram and a half-dozen other source types.

Don’t need a live twitter feed for your website? Everwall let’s you display your feed at events, too!

Once those posts are pulled into our platform, you can use any of our filters, like the profanity filter, keyword blocks, user blocks and more to make sure that only appropriate content is displayed on your website.  Most importantly, you […]

How to get an Everwall coupon code

We’ve received a lot of requests over the years from people building a social wall for an Everwall coupon code to get a discount. In fact, if you’re seeing this blog post, you probably Googled for a coupon code from us, too.

Well, we don’t want you to be hunting around anymore, so, we went ahead and created one to share with you right now…

The Everwall Coupon Code: ewblog

Like previously said, we don’t want to keep you hunting around—you’ve got better things to do. So there it is. This coupon code will get you 15% off your entire self-service social wall purchase. Oh, and if you’re doing an ongoing wall, it’s good for life—you’ll get 15% off each month.

Yup, it’s as simple as that.

Remote vs Inhouse – Which Is The Better Choice For You?

Today, we’re going to cover something of an unusual topic – at least from an event management perspective. We’re going to talk about remote work. Outsourcing.

See, the workplace has changed a great deal in the past decade. It wasn’t particularly long ago that going to work involved physical travel. It meant coworkers and uniforms; offices and cubicles. That’s no longer the case.

Today’s employees can work remotely with unprecedented ease. Thanks to the Internet, clocking in is as simple as finding the nearest computer. Perhaps it’s not surprising, then, that in light of this – and the recent troubles with the economy – outsourcing is on the rise, with the United States market for outsourced labor growing to $10.6 billion in 2014.

The question I’m going to address today is simple. Should your business join the growing tide of employers who’ve chosen to embrace remote work? Should you let staff work solely from the comfort of their own homes?

What are the advantages – and disadvantages – of such an approach?

Why Remote Work Is Great

Employees Have Complete Control

One of the strongest arguments in favor of remote work concerns control. Working from […]

Back to Basics

Last week we looked into the little details of events such as music and food. This week we are pulling back to basics and looking at a few more ways that you can step up your game as an event manager.

We will be covering the following topics:

Why You Need To Plan For When Something Goes Wrong

Five Days On Which You Should Never Plan An Event

Tips for Relating To Clients

Why Internal Events are Great for Business

Running The Perfect Summer Event

Personality Traits of a Successful Event Manager

What you Need to Know about Event Disasters

How an Online Event Management Tool Leads to Better Planning

How You Can Stand Out While Networking In Event Management

What Days Should You Avoid Planning An Event On During Summer?

How to Get Truthful Feedback About your Event

Seven Steps For The Perfect Event Logo

Ten Tips For Planning The Perfect Wedding

Six Warning Signs an Event Manager is a Bad Bet

Event management isn’t a career for everyone. It’s a high-stress, fast-paced job that demands quick thinking, terrific organizational skills and a Zen-like sense of calm that would make a shaolin monk envious. While there are plenty of individuals who are capable of thriving at this profession, there are many more likely to crash and burn the moment their plate gets a little too full.

Naturally, if you’re hiring an event manager for your staff, you want to avoid picking anyone from the crash and burn category, having the wrong management staff is a surefire recipe for disaster. Here are a few warning signs that your prospective planner might not be all they’re cracked up to be.

They’re Even A Little Bit Disorganized

Look at how event managers conduct themselves. Do they appear clean and well dressed, or scattered and messy? Do they stay punctual and professional, or do they have a habit of being late and forgetting appointments and communiqués? Event managers need to consistently remain on top of things in order to effectively do their job; they need top-notch time management skills. If the planner you’re thinking about hiring seems to lack these traits or abilities in their personal life, how would […]

3 Ways to Get Likes on Your Facebook Event Page

You’ve created a Facebook Event Page and now you need ‘likes.’ The only problem is that likes don’t magically appear by themselves (at least not usually). It’s starting to feel like a party where nobody is showing up.

Every new ‘like’ is a promotion for your event by someone other than you! This type of authentic support is priceless, but you may need to work for it.  There are many different ways of getting people to like your Facebook Event Page, but here are the 3 most tried and true methods on how to get more likes on Facebook.

Promote Everywhere

Don’t expect people to just stumble into your Facebook event page. Get out there and tell them about it. Promote your page everywhere you go, both online and off. This includes your website, other social media channels (and of course, Facebook), in your email signature and on other marketing materials and everywhere you are offline.

Don’t just say ‘visit us on Facebook.’ When promoting your event’s value, give people the link and tell them to ‘click here’ (you can create a direct link on your site to your Facebook Event Page by installing a plug-in or hand out QR codes offline.) And don’t […]

How Can Reddit Help You As An Event Planner?

If you aren’t yet on Reddit, maybe you should be. Although Reddit’s community is somewhat small compared to Facebook or Twitter, it’s nevertheless a teeming hub of Internet culture. Reddit doesn’t call itself “the front page of the Internet” without reason; some of the most popular viral content on the web either originated on Reddit or was promoted through the social media site. Used properly, it can be the perfect platform for event promotion.

Before we get into that, however, let’s begin with a brief primer on what Reddit is and how it works. I’m going to assume that most of our regular readers may not be acquainted with (or accustomed to) the workings of this particular social network. Don’t worry, I’ll quickly cover the basics.

Reddit is a website composed almost entirely of user-generated content. It styles itself as a combination news-and-entertainment hub, where registered users submit either links or text posts (referred to as “self” posts). Every post submitted (and every comment made) can either be upvoted (signifying approval) or downvoted (signifying disapproval). In the case of links, upvotes will net the user something known as Karma (an intangible value which effectively signifies whether or not users have liked your […]

Why You Can No Longer Ignore Mobile Technology

A funny idea occurred to me the other day. In much of the world, anyone who doesn’t own a cell phone is considered an oddity. 56% of people on earth own their own Smartphone, while a staggering 91% have a mobile device of some kind at their disposal. The landline phone is a relic! This data is based on the average user, but you can bet money even more people in the enterprise sector will be making use of smart mobile technology.

The growth of the mobile industry is moving at a breakneck pace, and it shows no signs of slowing. Before much longer, more people will be accessing the web on their phones than on their desktops, laptops or even notebooks. What this means is that, regardless of your industry, you can’t ignore mobile technology.

This certainly holds true in event management, where mobile apps are dominating new innovation. Think about it – if 56% of people own either tablet or Smartphone, that means at very least half your attendees are going to be equipped with some sort of mobile device. What’s more, those attendees are going to be expecting access to a secure, fast WiFi connection. That connection will have […]

What To Do When an Event Partner Bails

It’s something no event management professional wants to deal with: a key partner or guest speaker has bailed out on your conference with little to no warning. You’re left high and dry, desperately seeking out a replacement (or, failing that, going into full damage-control mode.) While most veteran event planners have likely dealt with unreliable guests, an incident like this could easily seem insurmountable to a less-experienced planner.

So what’s a good show-runner to do about a flake?

Don’t Panic

The first, most important rule is not to let this get to you. Admittedly, it’s next to impossible to address this problem without getting at least a bit stressed out. That said, you should not, under any circumstances, launch into full panic mode, nor should you descend into an unstoppable fury. Approaching the crisis with a clear mind and a cool head is the best way to help your self. Being calm and collected will go a long way towards solving the problem. Put your energy toward discovering your solution, rather than fuming about what is out of your control.

Find Out Why

Don’t simply assume the worst. There could be a whole host of reasons why your speaker/associate isn’t there when you need them. […]

Boiled Down, Simple Cloud Computing

I feel as though there’s a mantra which every marketing and tech blogger should repeat whenever they write a piece on cloud computing:

“I’m not going to bore you with buzzwords, nor coo how cloud computing is the future of all industries. I’m not going to claim the cloud is the only solution to all your problems, nor am I going to ignore its flaws.”

Well all that said: today I’m going to discuss how you, as an event management professional or not, can be served by cloud computing. When used properly, the cloud is an extremely powerful tool in the hands of any professional. At the same time, it’s just that: a tool, and one with its own faults. Keep this in mind.

All right, that’s enough beating around the bush. Let’s get started.

First things first…exactly what is the cloud, aside from a buzzword designed to excite business owners and marketing professionals?

Basically, the cloud an abstract term used to refer to a large network of computers or servers that communicate with one another remotely and in real-time. To give an example, cloud storage is a term which refers to the process of storing information on a remote server – one to which […]

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