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10 Years 🎉

Wow, never when I started Everwall—10 years ago to the day—did I think we’d be where we are. We’ve been a part of some of the most known and recognizable events around the world, and, honestly, I feel like we’re just getting started.

Truthfully, when we got started, we weren’t a social wall provider.  We first got started as a social analytics platform, and even that had a few name changes and iterations until it became Socialping, and truly set the foundation of what would become Everwall.

When I look back, and I think of all the name changes, product releases, and the iterations we’ve made, the only thing I can truly see is progress and evolution.  Our path to become the company we are hasn’t been a straight one, but it’s been one that I’ve been proud of, and am grateful for.

Looking ahead I am quite certain that we’ll continue with that tradition of accepting change, evolving, and of course working with great clients.  And that makes me very excited for the future of Everwall.  When we chose the name, Everwall, from our former Tweetwall name, part of the reason we did so was to encapsulate the idea the we are […]

Lot’s of updates, including a name change!

Wow, it’s been a crazy year of behind the scenes development—and today we’re finally ready to talk about them!

So, what’s new?

New design options!

The first thing is probably the most important to you, today we’re announcing that we’ve launched a new social wall platform with 12 new layouts, and hundreds of customization options, including being able to directly edit the HTML, CSS or Javascript to make it as customized you want. And for those of you using advanced setups, like Chromakey, you weren’t left out, there’s some of those too.

Twitter, Slack, Instagram, and moaarrr!

The second thing is the announcement of more content sources! You can now create your social walls using not just Twitter and Instagram, but also Slack!  Slack is something we’ve been getting asked for practically since they launched.

We use Slack here, and it really is the perfect communication tool—but one thing we wanted to do from the beginning was to make it so you can show your Slack posts on screens in your office, and that actually leads me into the third announcement…. We now support ongoing walls, so you can show a wall on a screen at your office year round.

Want to embed it on your website?  Our new embed […]

Election Day Templates!

Here in the states, it’s election day today. And in case you missed it, there are two very different candidates waiting for your votes today (there’s more, but sadly only two of the parties get any consideration). After you’ve got your vote in, we have some great news for those of you holding election day parties and events—templates!

We’ve noticed a huge uptick in people creating election day Tweetwalls, and we thought, “hey, what a great idea!” To make things better, and your election day events event more awesome, we’ve created 3 different templates you can use for your election day event. They are completely free for any Tweetwall (The Tweetwall is still paid, sorry).

The three templates are for Democrat-leaning events, Republican-leaning events, and neutral events. And here they are:

Democrat Party Focused

Republican Party Focused

Party Neutral Focused


As we said above, these templates are free! Here’s how to use them:

  1. Create your Tweetwall at, like you normally would. You can use any hashtag you’d like, but keep in mind some of them are going to be really flying… we highly recommend you block retweets, and enable a follower count filter of at least 5,000 if you plan on following any of the […]

Tips for Using Full Moderation in Tweetwall

So you have chosen full moderation for your Tweetwall, now what? Now it’s time for you to chose exactly what your attendees see on display. This means you can weed out whatever you don’t want seen or may just want to save for later.

To begin, click on the burnt orange button that looks like a police officer on the right hand side of the dashboard. This will take you to your moderation queue, showing what you have to sift through and decide if it will show up on your live feed.

By clicking on Displayed you will be able to view exactly what is currently being displayed on your Tweetwall. You can change any tweet by clicking “Move” then whichever folder you would like it in. This will immediately remove it and will be available in your other moderation folders.

In the Blocked section of moderation is where posts that have been blocked are stored. These are either there because you have manually blocked them or one of the filters you have set up have removed it from your feed. You are able to “unblock” any post you chose by clicking “Move” and putting it wherever you need it.

So you don’t know if a post […]

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