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Social Wall Customization on Everwall

In this week’s feature overview, I am going to go over customizing your social wall—including all the design options in our self-service builder, how to customize your social wall even further if you’re a developer or have one available, and finally, if you know what you want but are unsure how to get there, how to enlist our design team to custom build you a template.

This is going to focus strictly on the design side of things with our social wall product, Everwall.

Customizing your social wall with our self-service builder:

When building a wall using our self-service builder, the very last step is where all the magic happens and you get to make the wall perfectly match your event. It’s really easy to do, but there are quite a few options.


The first thing you’ll pick is the layout you want to use. We currently have 12 layouts to choose from, and they are all scaleable, so whether you have an old school projector that uses a 1024×768 resolution, or a 4k flat panel display, your social wall will look great.

  • 7 layouts are specifically meant for landscape orientation
  • 2 layouts are for portrait-oriented screens
  • 2 are designed for TV applications and let you use […]

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