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What Gifts Should You Give Your Clients This Holiday Season?

‘Tis the season for gifts and giving. As an event manager, you’re no doubt already trying to come up with some gift giving ideas for your most valued clients. And if you aren’t, you should be.

Feelings of warm and fuzzy generosity aside, there are plenty of reasons to think up a few gifts to hand out to your clients this Christmas, chief of which is loyalty. See, generally speaking, people enjoy getting gifts. And if you give them something meaningful, they’re definitely a lot likelier to regard you in a positive light – and that much likelier to choose you over a competitor in the future.

That’s provided, of course, you can offer them a gift they’ll actually want. That’s where we come in. Today, we’re going to talk about a few gifts you might possibly consider handing out over the holidays.

Have a look, and I’m sure you’ll find at least one thing that’s worth handing out. 

Some Initial Advice

Before we actually get down to brass tacks, there’s a few words of advice we need to offer up. First and foremost, don’t hand out anything that’s too divergent from your brand. What I mean […]

Reasons to Ask Your Team for Feedback After an Event

You put your heart and soul into planning and managing an event, hoping that everything is just right. Once the final day comes and goes, you can look back and assess the good, the bad, and of course, the ugly (hopefully not much of this).

While self-assessment is important, don’t overlook the benefits of asking your team for feedback. There is a good chance that everybody will have a different stance on the event.

Three Reasons to Speak Up

It doesn’t matter if you ask for feedback in person, via email, or through an online survey, it is imperative to communicate with your team once the event comes to an end. Below are three of the best reasons for doing so:

1. There are things you don’t know, didn’t see

You only have one set of eyes and two legs. For this reason, it’s hard to keep a beat on everything happening at an event, especially one that is widespread.

Your team can provide you with information on details and events that you missed out on. For example, the person in charge of catering may be able to explain how the audience received the food.

You may have missed […]

Diligent Planning: What Event Organizers Need To Do After an Event

So, you’re at the tail end of an event. Your attendees all went home satisfied, your client’s happy with how things went, and your team’s wrapping things up at the venue. Your job’s far from done at this point, though – you have a great deal more work to do if you truly want to call your event a success.

Don’t worry, though. Provided you’re aware of the steps, the wrap-up’s really only as difficult as you make it. Today, we’re going to go over a few of the things you need to account for at the tail-end of an event.

Think About the Venue

It should sort of go without saying, but the first thing you need to do with your post-event wrap up is ensure the venue is left exactly as you found it. That means planning things out in such a way that your volunteers regularly take care of clean-up during the event, to minimize the amount of work that needs to be done after the fact. Sports Community recommends setting up a roster and staffing system to ensure cleaning and maintenance are managed throughout the event.

It’s also important to do a walkthrough of the venue […]

Five Things Every New Years’ Event Needs To Provide

2016 is almost upon us, ladies and gentlemen! The New Year brings with it many things, like new beginnings and a chance to start fresh as 2015 winds down. If you’re in the event planning business, however, it means one thing – a whole ton of clients as everyone kicks off their New Years’ celebrations.

Awesome, right?

Now, as I’ve said in the past, the holiday season is one of the busiest times of year for event planners. Businesses and independent clients alike are looking to throw some awesome Christmas and New Years’ bashes, and they’re going to tap into your expertise in order to do so. Naturally, it’s important that you do everything in your power to give them what they paid for, whether it’s a reception, a party, or just a small get-together.

Part of that involves providing your guests with the necessary amenities. You can make things as unique, wild, and memorable as possible – in fact, you should. At the same time, overlooking even one of the items on this list could bring everything crashing down around you.

Well…maybe that’s a spot of hyperbole. Still, none of the stuff we’re about to bring […]

Five Fantastic Ideas for Charity Fundraisers

Looking to raise a bit of money for a good cause? That’s awesome! It’s always great to see someone who seeks to make the world a better place.

Here’s the thing, though. How do you plan to raise money? While you certainly could go the traditional route – a fundraising drive, a carnival, a raffle, etc. – and raise a ton of cash, why not think outside the box?

Why not do something well and truly unique?

I know that’s easier said than done. But at the same time, if you pull it off right, you could do more for your cause than you ever could with a simple donate on drive. Of course, no one’s saying you have to pull these ideas entirely from your own head – let me help you get started.

See if a few of the fundraising concepts presented here don’t pique your interest a little:

Host a Video Game Tournament with a Twist

Back when I was in university, I attended a convention hosted on my local campus. It was a largely forgettable affair, save for one thing – they were hosting a Pokemon tournament. What made it interesting though, was […]

Five Things All Event Professionals Should Own

Are you an event professional? Are you judged on the success of each and every event you put on? If so, you understand the importance of being organized and on the ball at all times. After all, it only takes one slip-up to cause a major disaster.

Even though every event professional has their own system and tools, there are things that can help take your approach to the next level.

Below are five things all event professionals should own:

1. A smartphone: This isn’t a problem for most, but some are still living in the past. Your smartphone can be used for everything from taking notes to communicating with speakers to tracking what attendees are saying on social media. This technology is definitely the best friend of most event planners.

2. Emergency kit: Just when you think everything is going as planned, just as your event looks to be a success, something bad happens. An emergency kit could save you in more ways than one. This should include items such as stain remover, pens, papers, and backup batteries. The more experience you have the easier it is to decide which items deserve space in your emergency kit. Keep a […]

Dealing With The Christmas Rush As An Event Manager

Chances are pretty good that if you’re employed in an events-related field, you’re already gearing up for Christmas (and if you aren’t, you should be).  The Christmas season is probably one of the busiest times of year for an event planner, with clients left and right putting in requests for festive parties and events. What that means from an event planning perspective is that you’re bound to be flooded with a veritable torrent of requests (if you aren’t already).

It also means that, if you haven’t nailed down a venue by now, you might not find one.

See, that’s the thing about Christmas – pretty much everyone wants to celebrate it.

It’s extremely rare to see a business that doesn’t host at least a small party for its employees, whether in the office or at a third-party venue. It’s thus important that you do your homework; make sure you have a list of vendors and venues that you can contact a moment’s notice, and keep yourself attuned to current trends in the events market.

In this case, according to several event management professionals in Calgary, there are three primary details you should be aware of. First and foremost, booking […]

Five Ideas to Make Your Christmas Time Events Amazing

Everybody knows what the traditional Christmas party looks like. Everybody gathers in an office or banquet hall, all dressed to the nines. They snack on a wide variety of Christmas treats, talk about their work, and probably have a bit too much to drink.

Sounds painfully boring, doesn’t it?

What if I told you that your corporate Christmas event doesn’t have to be that way? If you’ve got the time, budget, and creativity, you can put together an utterly amazing event for your employees, one that’ll have them talking all the way through to summer. Have a look at a few of the ideas I’ve put together for you with today’s piece.

Here are some ideas on how to give a little spice to a regular (quite boring) holiday party:

Build An Awesome Ice Village

Most people have fond memories of frolicking in the snow as children – engaging in snowball fights, building snow forts, and putting together snowmen. Instead of throwing a bland Christmas party, try recapturing some of that wonder. Although you probably aren’t going to put together anything as impressive as The Ice Hotel, it couldn’t hurt to look into giving your employees their own […]

Signs Of An Amazing Vendor

Selecting vendors to populate your trade show is often just as important as hiring people to help you run it.  After all, you can’t really run a trade show if there are no presenters on the show floor, can you? That isn’t to say you can’t afford to be selective with who you call on – quite the contrary, I’d recommend it.

A great vendor can bring a lot to an event – arguably even more than a poor vendor can take away from it. As an event management professional, you want to train yourself to recognize warning signs, true…but you also need to be capable of seeing the good in your potential partners.

Here are a few signs that the vendor you’ve got your eye on is exactly the kind of person you want at your side: 

They’re Honest And Open About Themselves And Their Brand

At the risk of sounding like I’m just spouting niceties; when it comes to doing business, honesty truly is the best policy. If the vendor you’re talking to is honest about their faults – and those of their brand – then they’re a good egg. That goes double if they’re completely […]

What Are Some Of The Biggest Holiday Trends In The Event Industry This Season?

The 2015 holiday season is just around the corner – and with it, the end of the year. What better time than now to take a look at some of the trends you can expect as Christmas rolls around? After all, as we’ve established before, January more often than not tends to be the busiest time of the year in event management. It’s better to be prepared by knowing what people are looking for.

With that in mind, let’s dive right in. What’s the event industry going to look like as this year’s holiday season rolls around? More importantly, how can you as an event planner turn that to your advantage? 

Food and Drink For All! 

This year, food and drink are bigger than ever before, explains Matt Alderton of the Successful Meetings Blog, quoting Backal Management Group CEO Arthur Backal. Food fairs, craft beer, cocktails, and catering were all huge business during the summer months of 2015. Therefore, there’s no reason to think this trend won’t carry over into winter events, as well.

According to Backal, global cuisine continues to be the biggest draw. “You can create a food hall atmosphere inspired by Eataly and Le District,” he […]

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